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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can work in existing offices be undertaken out of normal working hours?

A: Yes. All work is undertaken in accordance with client requirements, both in terms of specification and timing.

Q: Can you undertake part of a project in conjunction with external contractors?

A: Projects can be undertaken where SXI manage the overall project, or we can also co-ordinate with other contractors pre-selected by clients.

Q: Do you remove all packaging following furniture installations?.

A: All packaging is removed from site and disposed of unless there is a specific request from clients to the contrary.

Q: Is it necessary to organize for post installation cleaners if work is being undertaken in existing working offices?

A: At SXI, all projects under our control are fully cleaned following completion, or throughout the currency of the project if individual site conditions or clients require it.

Q: What is the average lead-time and duration of a typical project?

A: There is no average lead-time or duration of projects. Each project/installation must be considered on its’ own merit and the duration will be pre-agreed with the relevant client. This can vary from a simple chair delivery to a fully project managed programme which can be scheduled over a period of months.

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